Canal Lining with Cement Concrete – An effective solution to stop wastage of water through seepage

   Water, it has been said, is the "oil of the 21st century" -- a commodity whose availability and quality may be subject to both known and unknown influences. Day-by-day, the scarcity of water has been felt worldwide due to ever-increasing demand for industrial, municipal and other users, besides agriculture.

  India with 2.4% of the world's total area has 16% of the world's population, but has only 4% of the total available fresh water. This clearly underscores the imperative need for water conservation and water resource development on top-most priority. Lining of canals is essential for minimizing water losses, optimal use of water systems and efficient use of land. Control of seepage saves precious water for further extension of the irrigation network. Over the decades various types of lining materials have been tried and developed. While some are cost-effective others are not. Cement Concrete Lining has been a time-tested solution for such problems. The Central Government and State Governments too have given thrust to improving existing age-old irrigation systems and modernizing canal network distribution systems and water productivity, as also utilizing water to the optimal extent. Easy availability of cement would give further boost to accelerate modernisation of irrigation projects.

   Cement Manufacturers' Association (CMA) has already published “ Hand Book on Cement Concrete Canal Lining ” in 1998. The Book was authored by Shri B.B. Karajagi, CE (Retd.), Central Water Commission (CWC) in association with “Indian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage” and “M/s Water and Power Consultancy Services (India) Ltd.” This Manual covers almost all aspects of the subject and is very useful.

   CMA has also brought out a Booklet “ Cement Concrete Canal Lining ”. It is designed to lay emphasis on importance of Canal Lining, particularly Cement Concrete Canal Lining, which helps promote optimum utilisation of water through the delivery systems and to create awareness about demand of the hour of changing the mindset of public and decision makers. A network of Cement Concrete Canal Lining on an extensive scale would work as a catalyst in the process of enhancing the quality of life of the people and thereby all-round development of the country.